Ammonia & pH Detection of the 21st Century



Whether you need ammonia detection for your commercial cold storage facility or for your personal aquarium/pond, these sensors will provide you the greatest protection from ammonia (NH3), a potentially very dangerous chemical. After thousands of experiments and sophisticated testing, Pacific Sentry has developed these easy to use, highly sensitive sensors. Gas and aquatic ammonia detection is Pacific Sentry's specialty.

Ammonia Gas Sensor

The gaseous sensor enables monitoring of ammonia (NH3) levels in the air on a continuous basis. This simple to use visual indicator will let you know whether or not you have any ammonia in the surrounding environment. More...

Ammonia Gas Sensor

Ammonia Test Strips for
Industrial Coolants

Pacific Sentry’s Ammonia Test Strips are a cost-effective, simple, and efficient solution for monitoring and maintaining cooling systems. Regular testing (at least once a month) helps ensure ammonia-based refrigeration systems are functioning properly and not leaking ammonia. This gives your company added insurance against costly losses and downtime. Strips have a large test pad (1/2" x 5/8") for easy viewing. Testing requires no technical skill. They are specifically designed for industrial applications and for use in the harsh solutions of industrial coolants. More...

Ammonia Gas Sensor

10 test strips per pack
Contact us for volume discounts of 100+ packs

CAFO Ammonia Sensor

Whether you operate as a large scale CAFO or a small family-owned poultry farm, this sensor will give you the ability to monitor your average ammonia levels on a continuous basis. No longer rely on infrequent sampling with passive dosimeter tubes, gas detection tubes, electronic ammonia meters or the infamous "smell test". Simply attach the sensor (centrally & directly) above the birds/animals with string or twine and compare sensor color (middle circle) to surrounding color chart (outer circle). It's that easy. More...

CAFO Ammonia Sensor

Ammonia Aqua Sensor

This color-change sensor enables visible monitoring of toxic ammonia (NH3) levels in water continuously. Detecting traces of ammonia at 0.005 ppm, this sensor provides maximum protection from the number one killer of aquatic organisms, ammonia. These sensors were intentionally designed large enough to provide easy viewing from a distance; a desirable choice for those with ponds or other aquaria where the sensor may not be conveniently within an arms reach. More...

Ammonia Aqua Sensor

Ammonia/pH Aqua Sensor

Likewise, the ammonia/pH sensor enables monitoring of ammonia (NH3) levels in aquaria water on a continuous basis. The sensor also includes a removable pH sensor so that Total Ammonia in the water can be determined, thus providing further valuable information about water quality and the amount of ammonia your aquatic life may be exposed to. Designed with aquariums in mind, these sensors are only 1.00" x 3.75" making them unobtrusive and leaving your aquarium aesthetic pleasing. More...

Ammonia/pH Aqua Sensor

Replacement pH Sensors

When the pH sensor becomes exhausted, a new sensor can easily be replaced for the old one through the convenient insertion slot. * included with each Ammonia/pH Aqua sensor are 2 additional pH sensors. Please call or email for more info and ordering information...

Replacement pH Sensors
Ammonia Leak Detection Pipe Thread Tape

Detect any faulty or defective pipes/joints with this new innovative ammonia sensitive pipe tape. It's used just as plumbers tape with the additional feature of being able to detect ammonia. Prevent ammonia contamination with this simple to use, economical, leak detection product. More...

Ammonia Leak Detection Pipe Thread Tape


Small Animal Ammonia Sensor

Conveniently monitor and detect ammonia in small animal habitats on a continuous basis. Simply attach the sensor to the inside of the cage or habitat at ground level and relatively close to where the animal spends the majority of its time. Easily observe the sensor color to ensure safe ammonia levels are maintained. More...

Small Animal Ammonia Sensor



Ammonia Sensing Applications

Cold Storage Refrigeration

• Flash/Blast Freezing
• Meat Packaging
• Fruit & Produce Storage
• Beverage Refrigeration
• Industrial Freezers
• Ice Machines

Poultry & Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

• Poultry Broilers
• Cattle/Dairy Farms
• Swine Farms

Laboratory Setting

• Bioassays
• Mice Testing
• Rat Testing
• Primate Testing


• Renal Dialysis
• Incontinence Monitoring


• Fertilizer Manufacturing
• Fertilizer Distribution
• Liquid Fertilization


• Aquaculture
• Fish Farming
• Pond & Lake Monitoring
• River Monitoring
• Consumer Fish-keeping
• Waste Water
• Water Treatment
• Run-off Water


• Food Spoilage Detection
• Food Freshness Monitor

Companion Animals (Pets)

• Small Animal Cages & Habitats for Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Chinchillas, etc...
• Animal Retail/Breeding
• Zoos
• Equine (Horse) Stalls

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