Ammonia Leak Detection Pipe Thread Tape

Ammonia Leak Detection Pipe Thread Tape

This specially designed PTFE tape conveniently and economically detects ammonia (NH3) leaks. The tape has visual indicators that change color identifying leaks or defects in pipe systems, joints and couplings that contain ammonia. The tape, similar to the use of standard “plumbers tape”, is simply wrapped around the pipe or fitting and is inspected/monitored over time.

“The most economical product for preliminary leak detection.”

The tape can be used to readily inspect the integrity of new or existing pipe systems and joints. Through routine visual checks, piping can be subsequently monitored over long term periods of a year or more. A glance at the tape color, even at considerable distance, can reveal whether a leak has developed.

“If our inventory ever spoiled due to ammonia contamination, tens of thousands of dollars would be lost.”

Key Features
  • Continuous monitoring – 24/7, 365 days a year
  • NO additional equipment – simple human eye observation is all that’s required.
  • PTFE material – used for sealing pipes the same as plumbers tape.
  • Long lasting – up to 1 year.
  • 20 ft of tape on each roll.
  • Temperature range (-45° – 140° F).
  • Humidity range 0 – 99% RH noncondensing.
  • Easy to use – wrap the desired area with Ammonia Leak Detection Pipe Thread Tape, then simply observe for color changes.
  • Pinpoint leaks – conveniently identify specifically what joint or coupling is faulty.
  • NO electricity, maintenance, or special customization required.
How It Works

The normally orange tape shows unmistakable visible color change to green or blue when exposed to a leak. The sequence of pictures below show the tape’s response to a teaspoon of household ammonia (~5% NH3) put into the piping. All the unions were tightly seated, but to demonstrate sensitivity of detecting imperfect seals, pipe tape was not applied to the male threads inside the mated fittings.

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