CAFO Ammonia Sensor

CAFO Ammonia Sensor

Pacific Sentry’s CAFO Ammonia Sensor conveniently provides a 3-hour time-weighted average of ammonia levels on a continuous basis. The visual sensor changes color (from golden yellow to blue) depending on the ammonia concentration in the surrounding environment. With a quick glance of the sensor, average ammonia levels can be easily determined. Whether you operate as a large-scale poultry broiler or small family-owned farm, this sensor will give you the ability to monitor your ammonia levels on a continuous basis. No longer rely on infrequent sampling with passive dosimeter tubes, gas detection tubes, electronic ammonia meters or the infamous “smell test”. The CAFO Ammonia Sensor will provide the information you need to easily determine if your poultry house, cattle farm or swine operation is functioning optimally and ammonia levels are being maintained to a minimum.

Key Features
  • Continuous Monitoring 24/7 – average ammonia levels can easily be determined with a quick glance, anytime, day or night
  • 3-Hour Time-Weighted Average – avoid misleading instant ammonia spot check readings; for example, when ventilation fans turn on/off
  • Durable – does not become “poisoned” or damaged when exposed to high ammonia levels
  • Long Lasting – full grow out period (8 weeks)
  • Easy to Use – simply attach sensor in the area to be monitored and observe color change
  • Reversible – no need to replace sensor after exposure to ammonia; sensor responds to both increasing and decreasing ammonia levels
  • NO chemicals, test kits, expensive equipment, calibration, or procedures required
  • Patented Sensor Technology – state-of-the-art ammonia detection and ammonia monitoring technology

1. Open package and write expiration date (two months from the date of first use) in the provided area on the sensor; for proper functioning, the sensor must be replaced every two months.

2. Attach sensor centrally & directly above the area to be monitored with string or twine. *It is recommended to have one sensor every 5,000 square feet (approximately 70ft. x 70ft.)

3. Compare sensor color (center square) to surrounding color chart (outer circle).

4. Check sensor daily to ensure safe ammonia levels are maintained.

5. Replace after two months of use.

Dangers of Ammonia

Ammonia is an invisible, toxic chemical produced by the natural decomposition of feces and urine. In high concentrations (50ppm +) it can have many adverse effects including:

“There’s no way to effectively eliminate ammonia; however, there is now a way to effectively monitor and control it.”


“Low” = ammonia is 0-1 ppm (a safe and healthy level- optimal for maximum bird growth); “Medium” = 1-25 ppm (ideal range for standard farming operations); “High” = 25-50 ppm (toxicity is reached and increased ventilation and/or change of litter is recommended); “Danger” = 50+ ppm (a severely toxic level and birds are rapidly being harmed). NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours for the sensor to completely reverse from the “Danger” level to the “Low” level. The amount of air movement can affect sensor reaction time and changes in humidity can affect sensor color. To test the sensor, place it over the mouth of a bottle of ammonia (Windex window cleaner for example). It should change color within seconds if properly working. KEEP OUT of direct sunlight. Avoid touching sensor material.

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