Small Animal Ammonia Sensor

Small Animal Ammonia Sensor

Pacific Sentry’s Small Animal Ammonia Sensor conveniently monitors and detects ammonia in animal habitats on a continuous basis. Simply attach the sensor to the inside of the cage/habitat at ground level and relatively close to where the animal spends the majority of its time (for multi-level cages it is recommended to have a sensor for each level). Easily observe the sensor to ensure safe ammonia levels are maintained. Sensor reaction time is approximately 1-2 hours for increasing levels of ammonia and 4-8 hours for decreasing levels of ammonia. When taken out of the protective cartridge, reaction time is reduced to ~15 minutes and ~2 hours, respectively. Invest in your pets’ safety and have happier, healthier animals. There is no way to effectively eliminate ammonia; however, there is now a way to effectively monitor and control it. Small animals include: Mice, rats, gerbils, hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, chinchillas, squirrels, hedgehogs, etc…

“Even prolonged exposure to low levels of ammonia increases susceptibility to disease and infection.”

Key Features
  • Continuous Monitoring – 24/7, the ammonia level can be determined with a quick glance.
  • NO chemicals, test kits, or procedures are required.
  • Long Lasting – 6 months.
  • Easy to Use – simply attach to inside of cage and observe color change.
  • Reversible – no need to replace sensor after exposure to ammonia.
  • Chain – easily attach to any wire cage wall or animal toy.
  • Patented Sensor Technology – state-of-the-art ammonia detection and ammonia monitoring technology.



“Low” = ammonia level is 0-1 ppm (a safe level); “Medium” = 1-25 ppm (a change of bedding or cage cleaning is recommended); “High” = 25-50 ppm (toxicity is reached and animals are being harmed); “Danger” = 50+ ppm (a severely toxic level and fatality may result after prolonged exposure). When humidity is > 50% use side labeled “High humidity”; when humidity is < 50% use side labeled “Low humidity”.

To test the sensor, place it over the mouth of a bottle of ammonia (Windex window cleaner for example). It should change color within seconds if properly working. WARNING: Changes in humidity affect sensor color and the amount of air movement can affect sensor reaction time. KEEP OUT of direct sunlight. Avoid touching sensor material.

Sensor Responses

Little if any ammonia is found in a healthy system and the sensor will look typically light-yellow/orange. Watch for rising ammonia. Exposure to increasing levels changes the sensor to shades of green, blue, and gray. When ammonia decreases, the sensor color accordingly reverts back to yellow, but the color change is slower. A sensor response of grey or dark blue indicates extremely hazardous ammonia levels (50+ ppm). Even prolonged exposure to low levels (1-25 ppm) of ammonia increases susceptibility to disease and infection. Take appropriate action to reduce ammonia and alleviate the toxic risk.

Ammonia Sensor Sensitivity

Pacific Sentry’s Small Animal Ammonia Sensor is designed to be highly sensitive to ammonia. This provides the earliest possible indication of ammonia increasing in the environment; thus the highest level of protection, lowest risk of toxic injury, and a greater margin of safety for taking corrective measures.

Sensor Usage Life

The useful lifetime of the sensors can be influenced by a number of factors that vary from cage to cage. Though unable to predict for your particular conditions, it should be useful for 6 months, before needing replacement. Gradual fading of sensor colors over time is to be expected. Exposure to direct intense lighting, for instance, can influence this, and is best avoided.

Dangers of Ammonia

Ammonia is an invisible, toxic chemical produced by the natural decomposition of feces and urine. In high concentrations it can cause many adverse effects including:

  • Panting or weakness
  • Wet runny nose
  • Drooling/vomiting
  • Dull-looking or squinting eyes
  • Burns around the mouth
  • Dull-looking coat, or hair loss
  • Trembling limbs
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Depression
  • Convulsions
  • Difficulty breathing

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